Atomic Mass – Energy-Primary Colour

Lot of out of text question arise in childhood mind during study in between different problems. Like – E=mc2 ; then ,what is the relation of E (energy) with “c2”? Different food item, Bettery;etc. have energy; in which “c2 or,the reation of the speed of ligft with it , or,why the orbit of electron of an Atom is like this etc.

The calculations or, formulae which have shown in this is based on Every element are created from the collaboration of different energy. This energy known as heat energy, magnetic energy , light energy etc.

        Since then, many more articles have been published in data format in support of this article and in a (strongly) scientifically sound manner, arguing that the quantum numbers used in this article and all the other mathematical calculations used in this article are not unreasonable or unrealistic. Where we can find out many unknown facts of science by placing the calculations obtained in my article in place of different numbers or units used in modern science.

E.g, As in all these articles, the source of Pi has been obtained in different ways or the sources of numbers like 22, 7, 9, etc., so if we put the calculation of 22 and 7 sources in place of Pi, we will understand why Pi has been used as mentioned. Or what is the secret of Pi. So I request all the readers to read every article written by me. All of these articles can be found by searching Google or Mendeley Data. There are also many well-known organizations and social media (like Google - Blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc) around the world who are relentlessly striving to advance science, exploring every article I write. Explore at ‘,,,, commons,,,, etc.

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