Mercury and trace metals concentrations in Arctic char and Ringed seal from the Eclipse Sound near Pond Inlet, Nunavut (2016-2017)

The data collected were the following: 1) Audio/videos interviews with local hunters, elders, and women; 2) Contaminants data on mercury concentrations in Arctic char and ringed seal tissus; 3) Contaminants data on methyl-mercury, and trace metals concentrations in ringed seal; 4) Contaminants data on a suite of Persistants Organochlorine Pollutants to come (2020); 5) Date, GPS coordinates of location sampled; 6) Morphometric measurments on Arctic char and Ringed seal (weight, lenght); 7) Archived samples on arctic char (otholiths, liver, meat, fat, flipper); 8) Archived samples on ringed seal (lower jaw, liver, meat, blubber, fur).

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Creator Simonee, James; Daoust, Pierre-Yves; Furgal, Chris; Muir, Derek; Swanson, Heidi; Wang, Xiaowa; L'Hérault, Vincent
Publisher Canadian Cryospheric Information Network
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Publication Year 2018
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Spatial Coverage (-82.000W, 71.000S, -76.000E, 73.000N)
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