(Table 1, pages 283), Elemental concentrations of ferromanganese crusts from Lake Biwa, Japan, supplement to: Takamatsu, Takejiro; Kawashima, Munetsugu; Takada, Jitsuya; Matsushita, Rokuji (1993): Characteristics in Elemental Composition of Ferromanganese Concretions from Lake Biwa. Japanese Journal of Limnology, 54(4), 281-291


Ferromanganese crusts were sampled from the surface of a stone collected at a depth of 20 m in the northern part of Lake Biwa, Japan. These samples were analysed for 37 elements by neutron activation, X-ray fluorescence, and ICP-AE. The crusts were found to be enriched with Ba, P, B, As, and sometimes with Co, Ni, Cu and Sb. The elements were classified into 4 groups based on the varieties of host minerals (Fe-oxides, Mn-oxides or allochthonous materials) in which they were incorporated : elements mainly associated with 1) Mn-oxides : Ba, Ni, Cs, Sr and Co ; 2) Fe-oxides : P, B and As; 3) allochthonous materials : Na, K, Rb, Al, Ti, Sc, Hf and Th ; and 4) Mn-oxides plus allochthonous materials : rare earth elements and major heavy metals. The elemental compositions in the Lake Biwa concretions, including the crusts and Mn-deposits studied previously by these authors, were compared with those in other freshwater and oceanic concretions. As a result, the concentrations of rare earth elements and major heavy metals were found to be much lower, whereas those of B, P and As were higher in the Lake Biwa than in the oceanic concretions. These differences could be well explained in terms of the effects of sea salt, growth rates of the concretions, and pH of the formation environment.

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