Computer use 2002-2008

During a longitudinal study at the Erasmus MC - University Medical Center, more than 1000 employees were followed using registration software on their computers. The computer users performed a variety of jobs (secretaries, researchers, managers, medical personnel, professors, etc), using a variety of software. Participants performed their daily work while the software logged mouse cursor changes (10 Hz), keystrokes, mouse clicks and mouse scroll events, whenever these events occurred. The database consists of 1296 folders (95919 files) containing data from individual computer users.
The dataset can be used to perfom your own analysis or you can collaborate with the Erasmus MC Kineos Research Group to perform certain types of analysis. Possible analyses are detailed risk assessment regarding computer use and health complaints or analysis of pause, mouse and keyboard use in subgroups of computer users with specific characteristcs (such as job function, age, gender etc, etc).

Due to the size of this main dataset (almost 100.000 files), the files cannot be accessed online but will be made available in another way after additional contact with DANS and/or the depositor of the data.

In a separate additional database data are available on the characteristics of the computer users (such as job type, occurrence of RSI complaints, handedness, software usage). These data were collected using questionnaires sent to the participants of the study. This database will contain the same personal ID so both databases can be linked.
This file can be accessed online.

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