Omnibus enquete 1998 Den Haag - VSO Omnibus survey 1998 The Hague - VSO


P1397A: Quality of r's. residence, neighbourhood, devotion to neighbourhood, housing conditions / perception of crime in neighbourhood, feelings of unsafety, experience with crime / dissemination of information by the municipal departments / use of public library / knowledge of discount card for elderly and people with low income (ooievaarspas) / collection of garbage / evaluation of some special municipal projects to improve the quality of life / annoyance of youngsters, abuse of drugs and alcohol P1397B: visits to theatre, concerts, cinema, museums, festivals / evaluation of the supply of cultural activities, events / making use of discount card (ooievaarspas) / experience with municipal department of civil affairs / making use of day nursery / choice of primary school / practising sport / quality of residence, neighbourhood, role of local authorities / plans to remove / income differences between city districts / assessment of some urban development projects / r.'s health condition, making use of medical facilities / rent subsidy / satisfaction with municipal advisors / r.'s financial position, expectations / information from the municipal department of social services and employment Background variables: basic characteristics/ place of birth/ residence/ housing situation/ household characteristics/ characteristics of parental family/household/ place of work/ occupation/employment/ income/capital assets/ education/ consumption of durables

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Creator Wensveen, P., Verdurmen, J., Oudijk, C.H., Centrum voor Onderzoek en Statistiek, COS * Rotterdam (primary investigator)
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Contributor L.R. Abas, Gemeente Den Haag, Bestuursdienst (depositor); Gemeente Den Haag (research initiator); Centrum voor Onderzoek en Statistiek, COS * Rotterdam (data collector)
Publication Year 2007
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