Trace elements content in soils and soil inclusions in Batagay ice wedges, North Yakutia, Russia


Trace elements in soil and soil inclusions of ice wedges from the Batagay megaslump, 10 km to south east from Batagay settlement in the Verkhoyansky District of the Yakutia (Sakha) Republic, Russia.

The content of major and trace elements in soils and soil inclusions in ice was determined in Moscow, in the laboratory of the All-Russian Research Institute of Mineral Raw Materials named after N.M. Fedorovsky (VIMS) mass spectral (ICP-MS) and atomic emission methods (ICP-AES) with inductively coupled plasma. iCAP Qc mass spectrometer (Thermo Scientific, USA) and an Optima – 4300 DV atomic emission spectrometer (Perkin Elmer, USA) were used for laboratory analysts, according to certified methods (NSAM 499-AES/MS, 2015) using standard reference materials and blank samples. The VIMS laboratory is accredited in the international accreditation system Analytics (AAS.A.00255), the national accreditation system (RA.RU.21GP11), and also in accordance with the requirements of the International Standards ISO Guide 34: 2009 and ISO/IEC 17025: 2017.

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Creator Vasil'chuk, Yurij K; Vasil'chuk, Jessica Yurevna; Budantseva, Nadine A; Vasil'chuk, Alla Constantinovna; Belik, A D; Bludushkina, Liubov; Ginzburg, A P; Krechetov, Pavel P; Terskaya, Elena V
Publisher PANGAEA - Data Publisher for Earth & Environmental Science
Publication Year 2021
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Spatial Coverage (134.772 LON, 67.580 LAT); North Yakutia, Russia