IT_SI001230_Lake Santo_Phytoplankton_20130307

Dataset provides phytoplankton densities recorded in Lake Santo Parmense in 2012. Samples were collected by means of a Ruttner bottle at different depths over the water column at the point of maximum depth of the lake. Samples were fixed with Lugol's solution. An integrated sample was subsequently obtained by combining equal proportions of samples collected at various depths and phytoplankton were identified and counted with an inverted microscopeaccording to Utermöhl (1958).

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Creator Giampaolo Rossetti
Publisher Long-Term Ecosystem Research in Europe
Contributor DEIMS-SDR Site and Dataset registry
Publication Year 2013
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Language English
Discipline Environmental Monitoring
Spatial Coverage (10.000W, 44.400S, 10.010E, 44.400N)