(Table 2, page 110) Chemical analyses of Mn crust samples from the Lametino Seamount in the Tyrrhenian Sea, supplement to: Rossi, P L; Bocchi, G; Adams, F (1980): A manganese deposit from the South Tyrrhenian region. Oceanologica Acta, 3(1), 107-114


Specimens dredged from within the summit of a volcanic seamount during an oceanographic cruise in the Eolian Island Arc (South Tyrrhenian Sea) where examined. Mineralization, which forms veins and pockets within a silty-clayey material, consists mainly of todorokite with scarce birnessite. The chemistry (Mn 48%, Fe 0.26 %, Ni 249 ppm, Co 223 ppm) and the mineralogy of the deposit are discussed; the findings, compared with data from some of the literature, suggest a hydrothermal genesis with extreme fractionations of Mn from Fe. A process explaining the anomalous Cu content (8 200 ppm) of the deposit is also suggested.

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