Mantelzorg 2001 : Informele hulpverlening Volunteer Aid 2001 : Informal help

Survey of the important aspects of informal helping and voluntairy aid ( "mantelzorg" ) in relatively serious situations of need for help. Characteristics of the person or persons helped : number, age, sex, education, family relation, household composition, income situation / travelling distance / way of transportation / travelling expenses / frequency of contact / specific details regarding the help needed / coping abilities / reasons for needing help / actual help given / additional help from ( public ) home aid ( "thuiszorg" ), private home aid and/or other informal helpers / hospitalization / day care centres / financial data: costs, compensation, financial problems, ( extra ) social benefits / home aid: time schedule, sufficiency of aid, waiting lists / help for the informal helpers / time spending / combined work and aid / perceived load of the task / motives to help. Background variables include: own handicaps / health / religion / income situation / age / education / sex / household composition / location / urbanization.

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Publication Year 2009
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