Sociaal-culturele ontwikkelingen in Nijmegen 1996 Social-cultural developments in Nijmegen 1996


Survey among the inhabitants of the city of Nijmegen Whether respondent or respondents parents were born in the Netherlands / ecclesiastical activities / age at which respondent came to live in Nijmegen / shopping at stores in the neighbourhood where respondent is living / visiting the community centre / membership residents' associations / social contacts in neighbourhood / victimization / housing situation / consumption of durables / listening to the radio, watching tv, reading newspapers, magazines and books / environmental issues. When respondent was 12 years old: housing situation of parents / consumption of durables by parents / reading behaviour of parents / cultural activities of respondent at the age of 12-15 / age at which respondent got at home telephone, tv, car / which countries were visited by respondent when he-she was 12 years old. Political interest / voting behaviour / opinion about income differences, euthanasia, abortion / attitude towards ethnic minorities / knowledge about Islam / cohabitation / characteristics of partner / smoking behaviour / self-image / role of God / engagement with neighbourhood and with Nijmegen / nationalism / opinion about politics and politicians / role of unions / freedom of speech and opinion / opinion about civil disobedience / opinion about upbringing of children housing situation of parents Background variables: basic characteristics/ residence/ housing situation/ household characteristics/ place of work/ occupation/employment/ income/capital assets/ education/ social class/ religion

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