Schoolbaarheidsonderzoek 1988 Capacity for further vocational training of adult employers 1988

Job history of respondent and participation in job related training courses, in present, past and future. Year respondent left day-time education / type of jobs since respondent is working and duration of each job / nr. of employers since respondent is working / whether r. was unemployed for a period longer than six months / activities during unemployment period / nr. of years working for present company / having the same job since entrance in present company / doing overtime work / working with computers and-or computer controlled machines / travelling time from home to work / recent important changes at work, and-or expected changes / working schedule / being employed on a permanent basis / experiences with important changes in r.'s job / r.'s opinion about present job and emotions concerning present job / r.'s expectations concerning future developments / reasons of being successful at work / r'.s education in past, present and future / finished daytime education with or without a certificate / other attained certificates / present training within or outside the company, plans for a training in the future, training during the last five years / concerning present training: name of course, course content, course time / reasons to follow courses / average time per week spending at courses / course fees / support and contribution of employer / facing problems before r. could start the course / r.'s opinion about the contents and presentation of the course / ranking of problems experienced during the course / expected advantages of following courses / expectation concerning finishing the course / plans to follow another course / giving up a course during the last five years / respondents who are planning to follow a course: name of course, most important reason to follow the course, duration of course, certificate of course or not, who's going to pay the course fees, expected problems, giving up a course during the last five years / respondent who followed a course during the last five years: name of course, whether respondent finished the course, whether the course was useful / reasons not finishing a course / future plans for following a course / respondents who don't follow a course at present, nor followed a course during the last five years: number of years ago that respondent did a job related training course / during the last five years thinking about following a course / reasons not following a course / reasons not thinking about following a course / r.'s opinion about necessity of further training and-or retraining / willingness to follow a course to avoid unemployment or to get a better job, influence of boss to follow a course / way of spending leisure time / having a computer at home, and if yes for what purposes computer is used / intention to buy a computer / looking for another job. Background variables: basic characteristics/ residence/ housing situation/ household characteristics/ place of work/ occupation/employment/ income/capital assets/ education/ consumption of durables

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