Neodymium isotopes analysis of detrital sediment samples from DSDP Site 29-278


Analytical details(a) All reported 143Nd/144Nd ratios are corrected to a JNDi value of 0.512115 (Tanaka et al., 2000) using bracketing standards.(b) S.E. = internal precision (2s level) on sample measurement.(c) εNd based on present-day CHUR value 143Nd/144Nd = 0.512638 expressed in parts per 10,000 (Jacobsen and Wasserburg, 1980; doi:10.1016/0012-821X(80)90125-9).(d) External error based on the reproducibility of all JNDi standards measured during run. (e) 147Sm/144Nd ratio of 0.1500 was used following Huck et al., 2017.(f) εNd (t) were calculated using values from column (e) and CHUR values of 143Nd/144Nd 0.512638 and Sm/Nd 0.1966 from Jacobsen and Wasserburg (1980; doi:10.1016/0012-821X(80)90125-9).

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Creator Evangelinos, Dimitris; Escutia, Carlota; van de Flierdt, Tina; Etourneau, Johan; Ducassou, Emmanuelle; Flores, José-Abel; Harwood, David M; Sauermilch, Isabel; Klocker, Andreas; Kreissig, Katharina; López-Quirós, Adrián; Salabarnada, Ariadna
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Publication Year 2021
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Spatial Coverage (160.071 LON, -56.557 LAT); Antarctic Ocean/BASIN