High resolution in situ temperatures across coral reef slopes: Iriomote-jima, Japan and Gulf of Chiriquí, Panama, supplement to: Wyatt, Alex S J; Leichter, J J; Toth, L T; Miyajima, T; Aronson, R B; Nagata, T (2019): Heat accumulation on coral reefs mitigated by internal waves. Nature Geoscience


High resolution, continuous in situ reef-level water temperatures across the reef slope at Saba Saki in Funauki Bay, Iriomote-jima, Japan and Iglesias, Gulf of Chiriqui, Panama. Data covers the 2015-2016 El Nino event at 4 and 3 depths, respectively. Measurements were taken at Sabasaki, Iriomote-jima, Japan: -8m: 2015-10-06 - 2017-11-17; -24m: 2015-10-06 - 2017-11-17; -40m: 2014-12-10 - 2017-11-17; -50m: 2015-10-06 - 2017-11-17; and at Iglesias, Gulf of Chiriquí, Panama: -10m: 2012-03-01 – 2018-03-02; -20m: 2012-03-01 – 2018-03-02; -30m: 2015-12-16 - 2018-03-03

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Creator Wyatt, Alex S J; Leichter, J J; Toth, L T; Miyajima, T; Aronson, R B; Nagata, T
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Spatial Coverage (-81.690W, 7.645S, 123.710E, 24.352N)
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