Discharge measurements in the Jamtal valley (Silvretta, Tirol, Austria) 2019, 2020, 2021


Discharge monitoring based on water level and surface velocity measurements was established at the Getschner bridge across the Jambach stream on 25 June 2019. This gauging station is located at an elevation of 2010 m a.s.l. and provides continuous data for the avalanche-free season, which usually lasts from June to November. Over this period, the station covers the runoff pattern from the onset of high mountain snowmelt in spring until the discharge stagnates again at a low level in autumn. The runoff gauge is equipped with an RQ-30 device from Sommer Messtechnik (https://www.sommer.at/en/products/water/radarsensor-rq-30-adms). The RQ-30 is a non-contact flow velocity and water level sensor with an integrated data logger and data transmission bundled in a compact housing. During the three summer seasons from 2019 to 2021, on total twenty salt dilution measurements were carried out using a WTW 3430 multi parameter device with two conductivity probes to calibrate the site-specific discharge calculation from flow velocity and water level.

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