cops_suph_dlidar: lidar data of 2mu Doppler Lidar run by FZK/IMK-TRO during COPS 2007


Lidar data of 2mu Doppler Lidar run by FZK/IMK-TRO at COPS-Supersite Hornisgrinde. The windtracer is a commercial Doppler Lidar from LMCT. It can be operated in scanning and slant path mode. The data is direct output of the Real Time Lidar Data Processing Unit containing UTC, scanner position, rangegates and measured line_of_sight_velocity, signal to noise ratio (SNR), and aerosol backscatter signal derived from SNR.

The wind profile is calculated automatically using VAD algorithm for 10 minutes intervals. No manual quality control is applied.

Metadata Access
Creator Katja Traeumner;Dr. Ulrich Corsmeier;Dr. Andreas Wieser
Publisher Karlsruher Institut fur Technologie
Publication Year 2009
Rights For Scientific Use only
Contact Karlsruher Institut fur Technologie
Language English
Resource Type Dataset
Format netCDF, records separated
Discipline Earth System Research
Spatial Coverage {48.604,8.204,48.604,8.204}
Temporal Coverage Begin 2007-06-01T11:59:59Z
Temporal Coverage End 2007-08-31T11:59:59Z