Opt & NIR SMARTS/ANDICAM photometry for DQ Tau (Muzerolle+, 2019)

We observed DQ Tau, during 2012 Nov 15-2013 Jan 30 and 2013 Sep 9 - 2014 Feb 3, with the ANDICAM instrument on the CTIO 1.3m telescope, operated by the SMARTS Consortium. The optical channel has a field of view of ~6'x6' and detector pixel scale of ~0.3", while the NIR channel has a field of view of ~2.4'x2.4' and detector pixel scale of ~0.2". We used BVI filters (standard KPNO Johnson-Cousins) with the optical channel and JHK filters (CIT/CTIO) with the infrared channel. We observed DQ Tau with the SpeX spectrograph at Infrared Telescope Facility (IRTF) on 2012 Dec 13, 22, and 30 and 2013 Jan 5 and 8; with a combined wavelength coverage of 0.8 to 5um for a spectral resolution of ~1000 (see Figure 1).

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