Data and Code for: Quality-adjusted house price indexes


The constant-quality assumption in repeat-sales house price indexes (HPIs) introduces a significant time-varying attribute bias. The direction, magnitude, and source of the bias varies throughout the market cycle and across metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs). We mitigate the bias using a data-driven textual analysis approach that identifies and includes salient text from real estate agent remarks in the repeat-sales estimation. Absent the text, MSA-level HPIs are biased downwards by as much as 7% during the financial crisis and upwards by as much as 20% after the crisis. The geographic concentration of the bias magnifies its effect on local HPIs.

Transactions sold on the Multiple Listings Service platform across 9 MSAs. Smallest Geographic Unit: Property

Data preparation code provided.  Multiple Listings Service (MLS) data is proprietary but is available for purchase from the MLS.  See README file for more information.

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Creator Nowak, Adam; Smith, Patrick
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Publication Year 2020
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