SmartKOMATIK mobile sea ice thickness data, Pond Inlet, Nunavut

The SmartKOMATIK was developed as the mobile sea ice sensor system for the sea ice monitoring project of SmartICE Pond Inlet, in Baffin Island, Nunavut. The SmartKOMATIK is an adapted ground conductivity meter (the Geonics EM31-SH;, which employs electromagnetic inductive methods for use as a sled-based autonomous ice thickness sensor (SAITS; Haas et al, in press). These autonomous ice thickness sensors have been tested across the Canadian Arctic, and will be deployed by trained sea-ice experts from the community of Pond Inlet on the landfast sea ice along their travel routes. The sea ice conditions will be monitored and described for the community of Pond Inlet, where we will also collect sea ice information from harvesters and local experts. The SmartKOMATIK has been upgraded since the SmartICE Nunatsiavut project, focusing on logging and autonomously displaying information in real-time and transmitting data via satellite while in transit. The survey routes that will be covered by the SmartKOMATIK will be selected by local sea ice experts to follow the traditional travel trails. The data that is acquired in real-time from the SmartKOMATIK will be accessible through the SmartICE data portal and its associated online products that will be created and made available to the community.

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Creator Briggs, Robert;Elverum, Shelly;Braithwaite, Leah;Bell, Trevor;Arreak, Andrew;Haas, Christian;Laing, Rodd;Solomon, Eric;Dawson, Jackie;Cowan, Beth
Publisher Canadian Cryospheric Information Network
Contributor Memorial University of Newfoundland
Publication Year 2016
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