(Table 1) Redox potential and chemical element contents in CaCO3 and amorphous silica free matter in surface layer bottom sediments of the Pacific Ocean from Hawaiian Islands to Mexico coast, supplement to: Glagoleva, Maria A; Volkov, Igor I; Sokolov, Vassily S; Yagodinskaya, T A (1975): Chemical elements in sediments of the Pacific Ocean along the section from Hawaiian Islands to the coast of Mexico. Litologiya i Poleznyye Iskopaemyye (Lithology and Mineral Resources), 10(5), 16-28


Distribution of Fe, Mn, P, Ti, Cu, Ni, Co, V, Cr, W, Mo, and As in the surface sediment layer on the section from the Hawaiian Islands to the coast of Mexico (Mexico section) is studied. Contents of all studied elements increase from biogenic-terrigenous sediments off the coast of Mexico to pelagic red clays of the Northeast Basin, and more sharply for mobile elements - Mn, Mo, Cu, Ni, Co, and As. In near Hawaii sediments rich in coarsely fragmented volcanic-terrigenous and pyroclastic material of basaltic composition with high contents of Ti, Fe, V, Cr, W, and P, contents of these elements increase sharply, and contents of Mn, Mo, Ni, Co, and Cu for the same reason decrease sharply in comparison with red clay. Abnormally high contents of Mn, Mo, Cu, Ni, Co, and As in the upper layer of hemipelagic and transition sediments of the Mexico section result from diagenetic redistribution and their accumulation on the surface. Processes of diagenetic redistribution in hemipelagic and transition sediment mass of the Mexico section are more rapid than in similar sediments of the Japan section due lower sedimentation rates and higher initial concentrations of Mn. Basic similarity of element distribution regularities in sediments of Japan and Mexico sections is shown. 0 = not found.

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