Loopbaanonderzoek onder Wageningse ingenieurs 1973,1978,1983,1988,1992 Occupational career of engineers from the agricultural university of Wageningen 1973,1978,1983,1988,1992

Career of engineers, graduated at the Wageningen Agricultural University. Graduation year and study program, tropical orientation included or not / writing a dissertation / having a part-time or a full-time job / registration of respondent's jobs: name employer, geographical location of employer / number of colleague graduates ( respondent included ) / vacancies for more graduates at the same company where respondent is working / connection education and job / main tasks of job( s ) / power of decision / budget controlling tasks / gross income / whether r.'s job could be done by a non-graduated engineer / whether r.'s job is-was a permanent function or not / whether r.'s predecessors and-or successors were also graduated at the Wageningen Agricultural University / working abroad: job related to development aid / nationality of r.'s successor / application procedure / reasons for not having a job during a period of more than three months / unemployed respondents: intentions to get a job, whether in the Netherlands or abroad, full-time or part-time, with or without mediation of the NILI, doing volunteer and pro deo work / other types of education which were very useful for professional purposes / main reasons for getting a new job / measurement of occupational mobility / discrimination of female engineers at the job market / interest in post-graduate courses / preferred duration of such courses / importance of knowledge of foreign languages / working abroad and main reasons to come back to the Netherlands / whether working abroad had any effect on getting again a job in the Netherlands / intentions to work abroad again / whether pro deo functions were related to r.'s study of engineering / whether r.'s jobs were in the field of agriculture or in the field of the environmental sciences / working experience in developing countries / entrepreneurship among engineers / importance of foreign languages / appraisal of r.'s education at the Wageningen Agricultural University. P1106E additional questions: causes of unemployment / graduate of former study program until 1982 or actual study program since 1982 / time spend on looking for a job after graduation. Background variables: basic characteristics/ household characteristics/ occupation/employment/ income/capital assets

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