English Language Proficiency Study (ELPS), 1982: [United States] Version 1


The purpose of this data collection was to provide estimates of the number of children in the United States with limited English proficiency from non-English backgrounds by state and by language. Tests of proficiency in reading, understanding, and producing English were administered to both adults and children from English and non-English language backgrounds. Characteristics such as age, sex, race, household relationship, Spanish origin, languages spoken at home, proficiency in speaking English, school enrollment, highest grade completed, country of birth, and parents' country of birth are shown for each person in the household enumerated. In addition, information is provided on household income and language usually spoken by that household. The civilian noninstitutional population of the United States living in housing units and male members of the Armed Forces living in civilian housing units on a military base or in a household not on a military base. Housing units were selected using a multi-stage, stratified probability sample. Within sampled households, pre-specified procedures were used to select one or more individuals to be tested for English language proficiency. Children over the age of five as well as adults were eligible for selection. Detailed information on the sample design of this study and on the reliability of the sample estimates is included in the documentation.

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