(Table 11-I, page 338) Metal contents (%) of a representative sampling of manganese nodules from the North Pacific high-grade region, supplement to: Mero, John L (1977): Chapter 11 Economic aspects of nodule mining. In: Glasby, G. P. (Ed.), Marine Manganese Deposits, Elsevier Oceanography Series, 15, 327-355


Two types of deep-sea dredges are currently under development for the mining of the manganese nodules, a deep-sea hydraulic dredge and a mechanical cable-bucket system. Both systems offer some advantages with the hydraulic system appearing to be advantageous in themining of a specific deposit for which it is designed while the cable-bucket system appears to be somewhat more flexible in working in a variety of deposits, topographic environments, and water depths. Environmental studies conducted in conjunction with deep-sea tests of the two types of mining systems currently indicate that substantially no environmental damage will be done in the mining of the deep-sea nodules. Because of the nature of the deposits and the way in which they can be mined, the manganese nodules appear to be a relatively pollution free and energy-saving source of a number of industrially important metals.

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