Zooplankton community in Gazi Creek sampled monthly between 1990 and 1991

Qualitative and monthly relative abundances of most important zooplankton taxa found in Gazi Creek sampled between March 1990 and February 1991. The data were digitized by VLIZ from the original report: Okemwa, E.; Mwaluma, J.; Osore, M. (1991). Zooplankton studies in a mangrove creek system, Gazi, in: Delbeke, K. (Ed.) (1991). Kenya - Belgium project in marine sciences "Higher Institute for Marine Sciences" VLIR - KMFRI Project and CEC Project "Dynamics and Assessment of Kenyan Mangrove Ecosystems" No. TS2-0240-C (GDF): Progress Report November 1990 -June 1991. pp. 40-48

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Publication Year 2022
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Discipline Marine Science
Spatial Coverage (39.500W, -4.417S, 39.500E, -4.417N)
Temporal Coverage Begin 1990-03-01T00:00:00Z
Temporal Coverage End 1991-02-01T00:00:00Z