Circum Arctic Lakes Observation Network (CALON) - North Slope, Alaska

Data loggers that record continuous measurements have been deployed in each lake. These measurements include water temperature, water level, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, and light penetration. These sensors are used to determine annual and seasonal temperature regimes, ice-off and ice-on timing, and water quality conditions and quantity fluctuations. The lakes are visited twice a year to conduct synoptic field surveys. Water samples are collected from each lake in April and August for biogeochemical analysis. This includes DOC, TDN, NO3-, NH4+, PO43-, CH4, CO2, N2O, O2, conductivity, major ions, alkalinity, TSS, chl-a, CDOM, pH, and oxygen and hydrogen isotopes of water. At each node, complimentary climate and permafrost measurements are also being acquired. In addition, near-real time web cameras have been deployed at some lakes near Teshekpuk Lake and Toolik Field Station in order to observe lake phenology.

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