Paleoecology and climatic context of the Pliocene Fossil Forest of Bylot Island, Canadian Arctic

The fieldwork consisted of excavating stratigraphic exposures (up to 5 meters height) in the permafrost. These sections were excavated to clarify the depositional sequences that occurred during the Plio-Pleistocene boundary. For stratigraphic exposures, detailed (cm) sedimentological and stratigraphic descriptions were done in order to reconstruct the depositional environments. Boreholes were also drilled with a permafrost core drill to reach deeper strata. This excavation work was combined with large scale stratigraphic characterization of the study site with a differential GPS. The DGPS was also used to geo-reference the bedrock at the study site for a better imaging of the local physiography at the time of tree growth. Samples were collected for laboratory pollen and grain-size distribution analyses to precise the depositional environment and vegetation assemblages. All the data will be integrated into a geographic information system and analyzed with pollen (C2 and Tilia) and sedimentology analysis software (Gradistat). Along the stratigraphic exposures, we collected sediment samples for paleomagnetism analyses to ascertain the chrono-stratigraphic framework. The analyses were made with a cryogenic magnetometer at the Sedimentary Paleomagnetism Laboratory (UQAM). Wood pieces were also collected for future macro-fossil/tree ring analyses. The majority of these pieces were very well preserved and some still had bark on them.

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