Flexible Subwatershed-based Lake and River Routing Products Available for Hydrologic and Land Surface Models for Canada

The proposed lake-river routing structure can be used as input for hydrology related. It combines catchment polygons from the HydroSHEDS product and lakes from the HydroLAKES product: 1) includes all lakes connected by the river network, 2) describes lake-river routing structures hydrologically correct, and 3) includes all derived routing parameters required to run a hydrologic model, 4) ingest all the Water Survey Canada gauges data in the lake-river routing network. In total, ten routing products are developed within this work, using five watershed delineations (HydroSHEDS product from Level 8 to level 12) and two lake-selection strategies (all lakes and only lakes with an area larger than 1 km2). The developed lake-river routing product will be coupled with the routing simulation model Raven. Raven, in general, is a robust and flexible hydrological modeling framework, but can be setup such that it serves as a routing model only.

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