Chlorophyll-a, primary production rates, carbon concentrations and cell counts of coccolithophores, diatoms and microzooplankton measured in water samples from the North Atlantic during the M87/1 cruise in April 2012, supplement to: Daniels, Chris J; Poulton, Alex J; Esposito, Mario; Paulsen, Maria Lund; Bellerby, Richard G J; St John, M; Martin, Adrian Peter (2015): Phytoplankton dynamics in contrasting early stage North Atlantic spring blooms: composition, succession, and potential drivers. Biogeosciences, 12(8), 2395-2409


The Deep Convection cruise repeatedly sampled two locations in the North Atlantic, sited in the Iceland and Norwegian Basins, onboard the RV Meteor (19 March - 2 May 2012). Samples were collected from multiple casts of a conductivity-temperature-depth (CTD) - Niskin rosette at each station. Water samples for primary production rates, community structure, chlorophyll a [Chl a], calcite [PIC], particulate organic carbon [POC] and biogenic silicic acid [BSi] were collected from predawn casts from six light depths (55%, 20%, 14%, 7%, 5% and 1% of incident PAR). Additional samples for community structure and ancillary parameters were collected from a second cast. Carbon fixation rates were determined using the 13C stable isotope method. Water samples for diatom and micro zooplankton counts, collected from the predawn casts, were preserved with acidic Lugol's solution (2% final solution) and counted using an inverted light microscope. Water samples for coccolithophore counts were collected onto cellulose nitrate filters and counted using polarising light microscopy. Water samples for Chl a analysis were filtered onto MF300 and polycarbonate filters and extracted in 90% acetone. PIC and BSi samples were filtered onto polycarbonate filters and analysed using an inductively coupled plasma emission optical spectrometer and a SEAL QuAAtro autoanalyser respectively.

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Creator Daniels, Chris J; Poulton, Alex J; Esposito, Mario; Paulsen, Maria Lund; Bellerby, Richard G J; St John, M; Martin, Adrian Peter
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