NGC 6240 MUSE observations (Kollatschny+, 2020)

We provide the MUSE datacube, observed in Narrow Field Mode NFM, and combined from four 500s exposures. The data is flux-calibrated (see FITS keyword BUNIT), the wavelength planes affected by the NaD laser system and notch filter were masked and appear as NANs. The data itself is contained in FITS extension 'DATA', the associated variance in 'STAT'. Further FITS extensions are 2D images, integrated over different wavelength ranges ('white': full wavelength range, 'Johnson_V', 'Cousins_R', and 'Cousins_I': using the respective filter curve). All relevant information is contained in the FITS headers, including the original world coordinates (primary WCS) and world coordinates corrected with reference to Gaia DR2 (WCS G).

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Creator Kollatschny W., Weilbacher P.M., Ochmann M.W., Chelouche D., Monreal-Ibero A., Bacon R., Contini T.
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Publication Year 2020
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