2018 ROV video survey at NE Saglek Bank aboard CCGS Amundsen (dive 64)

A remotely operated vehicle (ROV) video survey was conducted at the Saglek Bank location, at a depth of ~500 m in July 2018. The primary purpose of this ROV dive was the geological and biological site characterization across depths, and sampling of dead coral skeletons, live corals for stable isotopes and lipids, and sponges for stable isotopes. Bottom type was mainly sandy gravelly bottom. Small sponges and soft corals (Family Nephtheidae) were abundant at this site (probably Geodia spp.). Other corals observed include red mushroom corals (Family Alcyoniidae, likely Anthomastus sp.), Primnoa resedaeformis (live and dead – skeletons). Primnoa resedaeformis colonies were mostly small, and abundant at certain parts of the dive. No sampling was possible during this dive due to a mix of strong currents and ROV issues.

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