Thematic collection: PoliticalMashup and Dutch Parliamentary Proceedings 1814-2013

This page refers to a collection of datasets related to the Dutch Parliament and Senate of the period 1814-2012, they are all part of the 2012 project PoliticalMashup. These datasets are created by a group of researchers of the Informatics Institute, University of Amsterdam.

The collection includes:

A. Biographical data of all Members of Parliament of the Netherlands from 1814 - april 2012 (dataset "PoliticalMashup 1814-2012")

B. Data on all Political Parties of the Netherlands with at least one seat in Parliament or the Senate from 1814 - april 2012 (dataset "PoliticalMashup 1814-2012")

C. The proceedings of both Parliament and Senate.

The proceedings are available in three forms: 1) enriched and non-semanticized (dataset "Dutch parliamentary proceedings 1814-2012 non-semanticized") 2) enriched and semanticized in FoLiA annotation (dataset "Dutch parliamentary proceedings 1930-2012, semanticized") 3) as a list of named entities with references back to the text (dataset "Dutch parliamentary proceedings 1930-2012, named entities").

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Creator Marx, M. (Informatics Institute, University of Amsterdam); Doornik, J. van (Informatics Institute, University of Amsterdam); Nusselder, A. (Informatics Institute, University of Amsterdam); Buitinck, L. (Informatics Institute, University of Amsterdam)
Publisher Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS)
Contributor Funding Agency: NWO 380-52-005; CLARIN WIP project
Publication Year 2012
Rights info:eu-repo/semantics/openAccess; DANS License
OpenAccess true
Language Dutch; Flemish
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Discipline Social Sciences;History;Humanities
Spatial Coverage The Netherlands