Activity of isotopes of U, Th and Pa versus depth in bottom sediments from Core ML1_66, supplement to: Arslanov, K A; Barash, Max S; Kuznetsov, Yury V (1988): Geochronology of the Middle and Upper Pleistocene as indicated by sediments of the North Atlantic. Oceanology, 28(4), 502-507


A sediment core from the European Basin with alternation of biogenic calcareous oozes and terrigenous sediments is studied by several methods. Isotopic age is determined by 230Th-ex and 231Pa-ex and by the radiocarbon method. Surface water paleotemperatures are reconstructed from complexes of planktic foraminifera and oxygen isotope ratios in their shells, and the ratio of biogenic and terrigenous components are investigated. Stages 1-8 of the oxygen-isotope scale are identified. Fluctuations in paleooceanic conditions in the area of coring are discussed.

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Creator Kuznetsov, Yury V;Arslanov, K A;Barash, Max S
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