cops_suph_rlidar: lidar data from rotational Raman Lidar run by UHOH during COPS 2007

The files contain vertical profiles of temperature and particle backscatter coefficient at 355 nm measured with the Rotational Raman Lidar of University of Hohenheim (UHOH RRL) during COPS 2007. The UHOH RRL was located at Hornisgrinde (COPS Supersite H) with other instruments. The temporal resolution of the particle-backscatter-coefficient data is 10 s in June 2007 and 13 s in July and August 2007, respectively. The spatial resolution is 37.5 m. For the temperature data of this release, the temporal and spatial resolution of the data is 5 minutes and 37.5 m, respectively. Missing values were added for data containing clouds and exceeding statistical measurement uncertainties of 2 K. Scanning data, data with higher resolution, data of higher altitudes, or data of measurement days which are not published within this release are available on request. See pdf summary in entry 'cops_suph_rlidar_info_1' for further information.

Additional Info

Field Value
Creator Marcus Radlach;Prof. Dr. Volker Wulfmeyer;Sandip Pal;Dr. Ulrich Corsmeier;Dr. Andreas Wieser;Dr. Andreas Behrendt
Contact Karlsruher Institut für Technologie;University of Hohenheim
Discipline Earth System Research
Format netCDF, records separated
Language English
PublicationYear 2009
Publisher Karlsruher Institut für Technologie;University of Hohenheim
ResourceType Dataset
Rights For Scientific Use only
SpatialCoverage {48.61,8.2,48.61,8.2}
TemporalCoverage period : ( 2007-06-05T11:59:59Z - 2007-08-24T11:59:59Z )