SDSS-IV/SPIDERS XMM-Based X-Ray Point Source Spectroscopic Catalog

This catalog aims to provide a detailed description of the SPectroscopic IDentification of ERosita Sources (SPIDERS) survey, an SDSS-IV program aimed at obtaining spectroscopic classification and redshift measurements for complete samples of sufficiently bright X-ray sources. The authors describe the SPIDERS X-Ray Point Source Spectroscopic Catalog, considering its store of 11,092 observed spectra drawn from a parent sample of 14,759 ROSAT and XMM sources over an area of 5,129 deg<sup>2</sup> covered in SDSS-IV by the eBOSS survey. This catalog presents the SPIDERS XMM subsample of 3,196 sources which were drawn from the XMM Slew Survey source catalog, version 2 (XMMSL2), provided by the HEASARC in <a href="/W3Browse/xmm-newton/xmmslewful.html">XMMSLEWFUL</a>. The accompanying <a href="/W3Browse/rosat/spidersros.html">SPIDERSROS</a> table contains the 21,288 sources drawn from the Second ROSAT All-Sky Survey (2RXS) Source Catalog, available from the HEASARC as <a href="/W3Browse/rosat/rass2rxs.html">RASS2RXS</a>. This program represents the largest systematic spectroscopic observation of an X-ray selected sample. A total of 10,970 (98.9%) of the observed objects are classified and 10,849 (97.8%) have secure redshifts. The majority of the spectra (10,070 objects) are active galactic nuclei (AGN), 522 are cluster galaxies, and 294 are stars. The SDSS-IV/BOSS spectrographic observations are taken between 2014 and 2019.

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Publication Year 2020
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