Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS): Total Institutional Activity, 1987-1988 Version 1


This data collection presents information on the number of credit/contact hours and the unduplicated count of students enrolled in postsecondary institutions during the academic year 1987-1988. The credit/contact hours can be used to calculate full-time-equivalent enrollment. The unduplicated head count provides information at the institutional level on the number of different individuals enrolled during the year. Variables include number of full-time undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. The unit of analysis is the institution.

All postsecondary institutions in operation during 1987 in the United States and its outlying areas.

All two-year and over postsecondary institutions were included along with a probability of selection sample of all less than two-year private institutions.

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Publication Year 1991
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