(Table 1-2, page 630-631) Chemical determinations of iron-manganese rich sediments, Sites 183 and 192A, DSDP Leg 19, supplement to: Natland, James H (1973): Basal Ferromanganoan Sediments at DSDP Site 183, Aleutian Abyssal Plain, and Site 192, Meiji Guyot, Northwest Pacific, Leg 19. In: Creager, J.S.; Scholl, D.W.; et al., Initial Reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project, Initial Reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project, U.S. Government Printing Office, XIX, 629-636


Basal sediments cored above alkali basalt at Site 183 beneath the Aleutian Abyssal Plain include iron-rich clays, a geothite-bearing calcareous ironstone (23.8% Fe and 4.16% Mn, CaCO3-free), and a pyrite-bearing unfossiliferous aragonitic limestone with 1.95 per cent Sr. At Hole 192A, atop Meiji Guyot, the northernmost of the Emperor Seamounts, five meters of iron and manganese-enriched clays interlayered and diluted with chalk lie on extrusive alkali basalt pillow lavas beneath almost a kilometer of silts, clays, and diatomaceous oozes.

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