Amsterdammers over misdaad en politie, 1991 Inhabitants of Amsterdam about crime and police, 1991

Survey among the Amsterdam population regarding: 1: the functioning of the local police/ 2: victimization/ 3: feelings of insecurity/ 4: problems experienced in the neighbourhood and 5: contacts with the police Themes: functioning of the police: reliability, protectiveness, accessibility, effectiveness, surveillance / perceived chance of becoming a victim / feelings of insecurity or fear in the city, the district or at home / actual victimization: bicycle theft, car theft, car burglary, car vandalism, burglary, assault, theft, armed robbery, physical violence, sexual harassment, traffic accidents / actions taken, contacts with police, satisfaction with police behaviour / problems in neighbourhood: traffic safety, burglary, youth, drug use and trade, pubs, vandalism, theft of cars and bicycles, parking, serious crime / police contacts last year: initiative, location, subject, role of respondent, evaluation of police behaviour / left-right self rating. Background variables: basic characteristics/ residence/ occupation/employment/ education/ politics

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Publication Year 2007
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