(Table 1) Heat flow measurements in the Central Pacific during Cruise 48 of R/V Vityaz, supplement to: Kuz'min, Vladimir A; Suzyumov, Alexey E; Bezlyudov, A V (1972): Geothermal measurements on the Manihiki Plateau and the Marcus-Necker Rise (Pacific Ocean). Translated from Okeanologiya, 1972, 12(6), 1044-1046, Oceanology, 12(6), 867-869


Eight measurements of heat flow in the Pacific floor were made during Cruise 48 of R/V Vityaz; four on the Manihiki Plateau, three - on the Marcus-Necker Rise, and one - in the Hawaiian Trough. Higher than average heat flows, up to 3.2 HFU, were recorded on submarine uplifts.

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