Niet opgeven maar werken 1985 Work on the side and informal economic activities 1985

Inventory of black economy and orientation on developments of formal and informal economy in the last few years. Health insurance / number of employers in the last 10 years / history of social benefits / associations with 'work on the side' / frequency of work on the side in the Netherlands, comparison with 5 years ago / characteristics of people who are working on the side / acceptability of level of earnings on work on the side in combination with other sources of income / acceptability of other 'irregularities', petty crime / activities to save money on consumption articles in household of respondent: second hand goods, do-it-yourself, exchange, auction, fancy-fair, following courses for do-it-yourselfer/ comparison with a few years ago / respondent has obtained clothings in the last 4 weeks, in which way / obtained furniture / odd jobs about the house or house rebuild in this year, who was involved to do these jobs / reparation of electric domestic appliances, by whom / respondent does odd jobs for others with or without payment, characteristics of those jobs and their compensation / respondent does work on the side, why ( not ) / profits of education, ( former ) occupation and use of materials and tools of others for own work on the side / regularity and number of hours spend on own work on the side / compensation and earnings of work on the side, how did respondent find such a job. Background variables: basic characteristics/ residence/ household characteristics/ occupation/employment/ income/capital assets/ education

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