Acoustic sub-bottom profiles (3.5 kHz) from the CCGS Amundsen (2017)

Geophysical data from a single-channel 3.5kHz sub-bottom profiler is acquired 24hrs during CCGS Amundsen’s cruises by a Knudsen 3260 sub-bottom profiler. The sounder is comped of 16 (4x4 array) transducers outputting a total of 10KW. The dataset consists of raw (keb and sgy) and processed (JPEG2000 and PNG images) data. Heave (TSS1 form the Applanix POS-MV) and GPS (ZDA, VTG, GGA from the CNAV GNSS Receiver) data are inputted to the raw data files directly during acquisition. The processing is made using the NRCAN software suite (SEGY to SGYJP2 and SegyJp2Viewer). The speed of sound is constantly set to 1500 m/s. The data are available in an ESRI ArcGIS geodatabase format where shiptrack lines are linked to jp2, sgy and png formats of the sub-bottom profiles.

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Creator Couette, Pierre-Olivier;Joyal, Gabriel;Lajeunesse, Patrick;Brouard, Etienne;ArcticNet;Trottier, Annie-Pier
Publisher Canadian Cryospheric Information Network
Contributor Université Laval
Publication Year 2018
Rights Public
Language English
Discipline Environmental Research
Spatial Coverage (43N-90N,166W-40W)
Temporal Coverage Begin 2016-05-31T11:59:59Z
Temporal Coverage End 2017-10-12T11:59:59Z