Value of statistical life year in extreme poverty: a randomized experiment of measurement methods in rural Burkina Faso [Dataset]


Background: Value of a Statistical Life Year (VSLY) provides an important economic measure of an individual’s trade‑off between health risks and other consumption, and is a widely used policy parameter. Measuring VSLY is complex though, especially in low‑income and low‑literacy communities.

Methods: Using a large randomized experiment (N = 3027), we study methodological aspects of stated‑preference elicitation with payment cards (price lists) in an extreme poverty context. In a 2 × 2 design, we systematically vary whether buying or selling prices are measured, crossed with the range of the payment card.

Results: We find substantial effects of both the pricing method and the list range on elicited VSLY. Estimates of the gross domestic product per capita multiplier for VSLY range from 3.5 to 33.5 depending on the study design. Importantly, all estimates are economically and statistically significantly larger than the current World Health Organization threshold of 3.0 for cost‑effectiveness analyses.

Conclusions: Our results inform design choice in VSLY measurements, and provide insight into the potential variability of these measurements and possibly robustness checks.

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Creator Trautmann, Stefan T. (Alfred-Weber-Institute of Economics, Heidelberg University); Xu, Yilong (Utrecht School of Economics, Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands); König‑Kersting, Christian (Department of Banking and Finance, University of Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria); Patenaude, Bryan N. (Department of International Health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, MD, USA); Harling, Guy (Institute for Global Health, University College London, London, UK); Sié, Ali (Centre de Recherche en Santé de Nouna, Institut National de Santé Publique, Nouna, Burkina Faso); Bärnighausen, Till (Heidelberg Institute of Global Health, Medical Faculty and University Hospital, Heidelberg University)
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