(Table 4+5, Page 290) Distribution of Mn, Fe, Cu. Pb, Zn, Ni and Co in single manganese nodules, supplement to: Nohara, Masato (1978): The geochemistry of manganese nodules from the Central Pacific Basin. Journal of the Geological Society of Japan, 84(6), 281-298

Chemical analyses of manganese nodules from the Central Pacific Basin show that their chemical composition varies regionally, although that of the associated sediments is markedly uniform throughout the basin. Mn content varies from 16 to 32% in average. Its higher value is generally found in nodules from siliceous clay and a few from deep-sea clay. Fe content tends to enrich in nodules from deep-sea clay area. Most manganese nodules, except those from deep-sea clay, are remarkably depleted in Fe compared with ones from the other Pacific regions. Mostly, Cu and Ni contents exceed 1% in nodules from siliceous clay, and decrease towards the northwest of the basin where deep-sea clay is distributed. The inter-element relationship between manganese nodules and associated sediments suggests that the mechanism of incorporation of major and minor elements in nodules is apparently different from that of the associated sediments. This finding seems to provide a new interpretation on the problem why manganese nodules having low accumulation rate are not buried by the associated sediments with greater sedimentation rate and then occur on sediment-seawater interface. Samples have been dried at 105°C for 4 hours.

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