Composition of sedimentary rocks from the Mountainous Crimea and the Northwestern Caucasus, supplement to: Levitan, Mikhail A; Alekseev, A S; Badulina, N V; Girin, Yury P; Kopaevich, L F; Kubrakova, I V; Tyutyunnik, O A; Chudetsky, MYu (2010): Geochemistry of Cenomanian/Turonian boundary sediments in the mountainous part of Crimea and the Northwestern Caucasus. Translated from Geokhimiya, 2010, 48(6), 570-591, Geochemistry International, 48(6), 534-554


Detailed data obtained on chemistry of sedimentary rocks from the Mountainous Crimea and the Northwestern Caucasus that were dated at the Cenomanian/Turonian boundary and formed during Oceanic Anoxic Event 2 make it possible to calculate dissolved oxygen concentration in bottom waters of the sedimentation basin. Enrichment factors of trace elements in black shales are revised and an explanation is suggested for genesis of the rocks with regard for unusual climatic changes.

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Creator Badulina, N V;Kopaevich, L F;Alekseev, A S;Chudetsky, MYu;Girin, Yury P;Tyutyunnik, O A;Levitan, Mikhail A;Kubrakova, I V
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Publication Year 2010
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