Geochemical and biogeochemical parameters of bottom sediments from the area of the Spitsbergen (Svalbard) Archipelago, supplement to: Lein, Alla Yu; Pimenov, Nikolay V; Savvichev, Alexander S; Pavlova, Galina A; Rusanov, Igor I; Miller, Yury M; Ivanov, Mikhail V (2000): Geochemical features of the diagenesis of the Holocene deposits in the area of the Spitsbergen Archipelago. Translated from Okeanologiya, 2000, 40(2), 247-256, Oceanology, 40(2), 228-236


Quantitative characteristics for rates of diagenetic processes in the upper (0-30 cm) layer of sedimentary deposits in the area of the Spitsbergen (Svalbard) Archipelago (78°-80°N) were obtained by lithologo-geochemical, radioisotope (35S, 14C), and stable isotope (d34S, d13C) studies. It was proved that rates of diagenetic processes in polar deposits at 123-395 m depth affected by the East Spitsbergen ''warm'' current are mostly determined by bioproductivity and are commensurate with rates of processes in shelf deposits of temperate latitudes. High contents of migratory methane (up to 263 ml/dm**3) and isotopically-light organic carbon (Corg, d13C = -30 per mil PDB) were found in the 1 m layer of shelf deposits (at 123 m sea depth) with low bacterial in situ production of methane. It was shown that methane is not utilized in the deposits by the methanotrophic bacterial community and it may be supplied to the water mass and, probably, to the atmosphere.

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Creator Lein, Alla Yu;Ivanov, Mikhail V;Pavlova, Galina A;Rusanov, Igor I;Pimenov, Nikolay V;Savvichev, Alexander S;Miller, Yury M
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