Ordinary and duplicate analysis from major and trace elements of ODP Holes 146-888B and 168-1027B, supplement to: Carpentier, Marion; Weis, Dominique A M; Chauvel, Catherine (2013): Large U loss during weathering of upper continental crust: The sedimentary record. Chemical Geology, 340, 91-104


Oceanic sediments deposited at high rate close to continents are dominated by terrigenous material. Aside from dilution by biogenic components, their chemical compositions reflect those of nearby continental masses. This study focuses on oceanic sediments coming from the juvenile Canadian Cordillera and highlights systematic differences between detritus deriving from juvenile crust and detritus from old and mature crust. We report major and trace element concentrations for 68 sediments from the northernmost part of the Cascade forearc, drilled at ODP Sites 888 and 1027. The calculated weighted averages for each site can then be used in the future to quantify the contribution of subducted sediments to Cascades volcanism. The two sites have similar compositions but Site 888, located closer to the continent, has higher sandy turbidite contents and displays higher bulk SiO2/Al2O3 with lower bulk Nb/Zr, attributed to the presence of zircons in the coarse sands.

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