World handbook of political and social indicators III 1982 World handbook of political and social indicators III 1982


Indicators of 155 countries in the world from the fields of politics, economy, public finance, demography and society/ World Handbook III is a continuation for the years 1970 and 1975 of World Handbook II that covered 1950, 1955, 1960, and 1965/ for some selected variables the time-series were continued up to 1978. Revenues and expenditures of central government in percentage of Gross National Product ( GNP ) / tax revenues in percentage of public revenues / absolute level of military expenditures and share in GNP / public expenditures on education and health in percentage of GNP / number of soldiers / share of soldiers in labour force / total size of labour force / total population and number of adults / share of votes and of seats in parliament of 5 major parties / voting participation / civil rights, political rights, political and economic discrimination ( indices ) / ethnolinguistic groups / separatistic movements / size of total area / size of area used for agricultural purposes / density of population / absolute GNP / GNP per capita and growth rate of GNP / number of scientific authors / use of energy per capita / energy reserves and energy production / import, export and commerce in percentage of GNP / export concentrated on special countries or products / income distribution respectively concentration of income / food supply per capita / density of medical care / life expectations for men and women / infant mortality / birth-rate and death-rate / water supply by pipes / educational level of population / illiteracy / spread of newspapers, radios, tv sets, cinemas and telephones / foreign and domestic mail per capita / percentage of population in big cities / percentage of labour force in agriculture, industry and services / proportion of each single sector in GNP / private and public consumption in percentage of GNP / domestic investments / percentage of workers organized in unions / frequency of strikes and number of workers participating / loss of working days due to strikes. Daily events political events in 139 countries of the world / determining kind of political events, like demonstrations, police action, riot, strike, armed political conflict, political assassination, political strikes, irregular power transfers, elections, regular executive transfer / easing of censorship and political restrictions / date of events / question at issue and goal of political action / number of participators and wounded / damage / duration and spread of events / number of dead / agitating groups / source from which event was coded. Annual events political events in 136 countries on annual base/ consists of parts of the daily events data in aggregated form for single countries on annual base / the frequency of single political events is summarized in a time series for 30 years.

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