Delta 18O record versus age for 150 ka in ice core Vostok, supplement to: Lorius, C; Jouzel, Jean; Ritz, Catherine; Merlivat, Liliane; Barkov, N I; Korotkevitch, Y S; Kotlyakov, Vladimir (1985): A 150,000-year climatic record from Antarctic ice. Nature, 316, 591-596


During much of the Quaternary, the Earth's climate has undergone drastic changes most notably successive glacial and interglacial episodes. The past 150 kyr includes such a climatic cycle: the last interglacial, the last glacial and the present holocene interglacial. A new climatic-time series for this period has been obtained using d18O data from an Antarctic ice core.

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Creator Korotkevitch, Y S;Ritz, Catherine;Jouzel, Jean;Barkov, N I;Lorius, C;Kotlyakov, Vladimir;Merlivat, Liliane
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Publication Year 1985
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