Grain size analysis of sediment core CRP-3 from the Ross Sea, Antarctica, supplement to: Barrett, Peter J (2001): Grain-size analysis of samples from Cape Roberts core CRP-3, Victoria Land Basin, Antarctica. Terra Antartica, 8(3), 245-254


Grain-size analyses by sieve and Sedigraph are presented for 115 samples of core from CRP-3, 12 km off the coast of south Victoria Land. The data provide a useful check on visual core descriptions. The geographic setting for the strata sampled, some 790 m of early Oligocene nearshore marine sediments with a persistent glacial influence, is reviewed, and sediment textures interpreted in that context. Sand textures from the CRP-3 samples in the lower part of the core suggest that deposition was initially primarily wave-dominated, but that at times the influence of the waves was over-ridden by episodes of rapid sedimentation. Sedimentary cycles, recognised in the visual description of the core above 485 mbsf, show an increasing proportion of mudstone in the middle of each cycle above 330 mbsf that is interpreted to record periodic sedimentation in deeper water. Sandstone textures in the lower and upper parts of each cycle are interpreted to record departure from and return to shoreface deposition with changes in sea level. Mudstone textures above 176 mbsf indicate sedimentation below wave base. Many of the textures in both sand and mud samples show the coarse 'tail' characteristic of ice-rafted debris, but others do not, indicating ice-free periods. Many sandstones below c. 200 mbsf have virtually no silt, but significant amounts of clay (6 to 17%) that is thought to be of post-depositional origin.

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