Problems of ensuring the optimal level of industrial security for “green energy” facilities in the future digital economy


The process of development of existing and projected future integrated “green power” systems, including traditional thermal power plants, hydroelectric power plants, nuclear power plants and heterogeneous renewable energy sources, is characterized by various types and operating modes of generating facilities, involving complex problems of compatibility and synchronization of parallel energy and control information flows. These trends put on the agenda the new complicated problems of ensuring the sustainability for practical controlled operation of heterogeneous power supply systems in the current context of a qualitative transition from preceding manual local operations to a fundamentally new levels of automated dispatch remote control mode, industrial training and technological culture. The key role here is played by new digital industrial control systems and situational control rooms and centers, which integrate information flows from a variety of sources in order to analyze current events, forecast their development and analyze possible consequences of management decisions made by operators before the possible accidents.

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