Italianen in Nederland 1975 Italians in the Netherlands 1975

Contacts with family of ( Dutch ) wife and with family in Italy / motivation for coming to Holland / information on Holland before departure / job in Holland ( satisfaction, problems, integration ) / contact with Italy / opinions on house / social integration / contacts with other italians / language problems / media exposure / contacts with organizations which can help in case of trouble / where to go in case of problems.

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Creator Brouwers-Kleywegt, H.J., Martinelli, C., Nuyten-Edelbroek, E.G.M., Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam * Rotterdam (primary investigator)
Publisher Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS)
Contributor Samenw. welzijnsorg. opvang/begeleiding buitenl. werknemers * zuid-holland (research initiator); Brouwers-Kleywegt, H.J. Marinelli, C. Nuyten-Edelbroek, E.G.M. Sociale faculteit, EUR * Rotterdam (data collector)
Publication Year 2007
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Spatial Coverage Netherlands