Output Mode in USN - Multi-Length Line Bisection database

This is a dataset of 9 patients with left USN without hemiplegia who performed a multi-length line bisection test (Marshal & Halligan, 1989) using the left and the right hands. Each row describes the signed displacement and the proportional displacement (signed displacement divided by line length) of the marked line center, relative to the actual center. The test conditions Side (R =Right hand; L = Left hand) , time after stroke onset (weeks), timing period (t1 = early subacute, 13 weeks) and hand direction (either natural, i.e. adduction, or abduction) and line length (18, 36, ... 180mm; 10 possible line lengths). The observation number is arbitrary.

The worksheet Demographic contains information about the patients' age, gender and years of education.

DOI https://doi.org/10.17632/xg5jdt4s2s.1
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